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Hello, my name is Ray Mills and I have been prospecting for gold using a metal detector for nearly forty years. I write for the International California Mining Journal. I frequent many of the online gold prospecting forums that feature sub-forums about detecting for gold. I live in Shasta County, California where I currently do most of my electronic prospecting. I detect in Nevada, Oregon and Arizona also. I have detected for gold in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

I have just finished publishing a book about detecting for gold. The book is very informative and offers hard earned knowledge to both the novice and seasoned prospector, The book covers the different aspects of detecting gold at many types of locations and varying geological set-ups. The book is a compilation of seventeen articles that I wrote and featured in the International California Mining Journal. Within each chapter are posts of mine from several prominent detecting forums which relate to that chapter. There is also a chapter that contains information about the Fisher Lab's, Gold Bug Pro. This book highlights the advantages of using newer technology PI units and VLF units together in your search for gold nuggets. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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