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The northern Cascade Mountains of Washington State were host to some of the earliest and most productive mining activity in the region. From the islands of Puget Sounds eastward to today's Pasayten Wilderness, some of the earliest activities in the area involved the search for minerals. While most of these finds were small, and shipped little ore, some were substantial and still there for you to see. These pages tell the stories of the mines and the men and women who dared to challenge the elements to wrest their treasures from them. Their colorful histories, their geology, their locations, and more often spin a story more fascinating than fiction. Numerous photographs and drawings accent the facts, bringing the history to life. The location of each mine is rated for hiking difficulty and distance, providing a guide for endless hours of mountain pleasure. Softbound, 344 pages, 100+ photographs, plus maps and mine locations

Discovering Washington's Historic Mines Volume 3

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