Mines and Mineral Resources of Amador County, California - Amador county a small county in the heart of the Sierra Nevada's is a very mineralogically diverse county. Known for some very famous mines such as the Kennedy, The Argonaut, and the Keystone, Amador also is very rich in other materials used for building, as well as copper, coal etc. However 85 percent of its mineral wealth has been produced in Gold! Both Placer and Lode however unlike many other counties in the Sierra Nevada's, Amador's gold has been mainly derived from Lode mines. The placers, have come from those lode mines vs. Tertiary channels as in surrounding counties. This county was and is historically significant in California's gold Rush history. This book long out of print provides information on many of the mines and districts. Now back in print by Sylvanite Publishing

Mines and Mineral Resources of Amador County, California






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