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This is a new addition to the Gold Prospecting Detector Biz

Apparently the first wave of customers has responded with a favorable thumbs up as it has a lot of the features of the famous Gold Bug 2 detector with marked improvements at a much lower price.

· Comes with wireless headphones, a 6x9” coil and a 5”mono.

· Submersible to 16 feet

· Has visual display bars…gold usually is the 48-50 range

· Easy to ground balance and has EUD which helps find targets masked by ground conditions or at fringe depths

· Has rechargeable battery with supplied charger or USB power bank,

· Weight 3 lbs, 2 year warranty. Nokta units seem the toughest damage resistant detectors we have seen.

· Performance: In tests this detector equaled or out preformed the Mine Lab Gold Monster. Recent first day use by novices resulted in a high percentage of finding picker sized flakes and small nuggets. 

Nokta Gold Kruzer

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