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Nokota Simplex+

This is a new arrival on the VLF coin / relic detector that has taken over by storm. It is easy to use and learn with features associated with high end detectors: A long time metal detector dealer told me “The Simples is the best thing that has ever happened in metal detectors!”

· Fully submersible to 10 feet, headphone jack

· Comes with rechargeable battery from charger or USB power bank

· Frequency shift gets rid of EMI (think near powerlines) by shifting frequency in small increments

· In tests in the front yard easily found a half dollar at 11”…other high end machines costing 3-4 times more failed.

· Iron volume adjusts the low iron tone & automatic ground balance

· Online firmware updates

· 2.9 pounds, 2-year warranty

Basic Simplex + $254.00 



Nokta Simplex+

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