Portable Trommel for Sale  10/8/18


-Specially designed to process high clay content pay dirt or cemented gold bearing conglomerate (caliche)

-Factory fabricated with fold up rear legs, removable wheels and hub assembly, adjustable hopper, removable carrying handles at both ends.  A clutch is activated by a lever to engage the 3 1/2 hp B&S motor to a simple but sturdy belt pulley speed reducer and trommel drive.  Motor appears to be in be in very good condition and run very well at low operating speeds.

-Feed Hopper can be adjusted from a steep angle suitable to normal wash gravels to a low angle to act a "puddling box" where chunks of gold bearing clay can be washed and broken up into smaller pieces that will drop through the "grizzly" screen                  ( 1/4 x 3/4")  into the trommel barrel for final scrubbing.  A garden hose sprayer teed into the supply line to the feed hopper spray bars would be useful.  An out side operated pump of 20 gpm or more is required and not included in this unit.

- Feed hopper box  directs over size to a discharge chute which has a separate adjustable  angle angle control with nugget saver tray built in.

-Trommel barrel has 6 sections of paddles 3/4" high welding in line with rotation axis separated by rings.  The material must work it 's way down the inside of barrel being "scrubbed" by these paddles and rings to physically  break down the clay.  A discharge hopper directs the washed material and water into a sluice of your choice.

-Cemented gravels , conglomerates or "caliche" can be processed in a similar way as clay materials by using a pressure washer directly on chunks of cemented concrete like gravels.  Also, such gravels can be run through a jaw crusher to 1/2" or 1" size and then processed through the trommel.



  Length:  77" and 55" with oak handles removed

 Height: with wheels on , hopper in down position, 48".  when wheels removed (one bolt on each side) and legs folded up, 28"  One person can easily roll it over to a pick up, remove wheels and slide in.

 Width across wheels: 30"

 Barrel:   10" in diameter, 38" long, with six internal sections of paddle scrubbers separated by rings.

 Hopper: 12" wide at bottom fairing to 16" on out side and 46" long. Adjustable angle


One unit in very good condition available    $890 FOB Independence OR     call Tom 503-606-9895     or email   cascademountainsgold@gmail.com   





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