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Dog Rock Enterprises was founded in 2015, by Josh and Sarah Bohmker. Josh started mining with his dad at three years old. 

As a life long miner, he now teaches others how to prospect and mine, from gold pans to metal detectors. 

Josh and Sarah are both active board members of Waldo Mining District, helping to lead the way for Oregon Mining Rights. 

Waldo Mining District is leading the way for Oregon preserving mining for generations to come by holding back state regulatory overreach. 

Sarah Bohmker also sits on the Minerals Advisory Committee for Josephine County, Oregon and has traveled to Washington DC on behalf of the mining rights of Oregonians and beyond.


Josh and Sarah are very active in promoting and preserving mining as a federally granted mining rights that goes back to 1872, one of the last granted rights US citizens have left. 

Giving Back

Cascade Mountains Gold is celebrating it's 50th year bringing you information and local mining history around the west. 

Tom Bohmker founded Cascade Mountains Gold in 1976, with the release of his first book, The Gold Panner's Guide to South Dakota. Since then, he has released several more books in this series, focusing on Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. 

Tom has been an active research miner since the 1960's, having researched all over the western United States, Alaska and Venezuela. 

While is research days are coming to a close, he still loves to get out and check out mining areas with his son Josh and his family as they spearhead new ventures. 

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