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When the first edition of Roadside Geology of Oregon was published in 1978, it was revolutionary - the first book in a series designed to educate, inspire, and wow nongeologists. Back then, the implications of plate tectonic theory were only beginning to shape geologic research and discussion. Geologists hadn't yet learned the details about the far traveled island arcs and ocean basins that had been piled against the growing North American continent and are now Oregon's Klamath and Blue Mountains. Steaming volcanoes, ghost forests, recent landslides, and towns heated with geothermal energy attest to Oregon's still prominent position at the edge of an active tectonic plate. 

Geologist, photographer, and author Marli Miller has written a comletely new second edition based on the most up to date understanding of Oregon's geology. Spectacular photographs showcase the state's splendor while also helping readers understand geologic processes at work. Roadside Geology of Oregon, Second Edition, is a must have for every Oregon resident, student, visitor, and rockhound alike. 

Roadside Geology to Oregon, Second Edition

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